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Vital Times Newsletter

We are excited to reopen Monday, June 1st!

We will be opening at a close-to-capacity fashion. You may know of other clinics that opened sooner, but we felt waiting was right for our therapists as well as you, our clients. We look forward to working with everyone that comes to us for their health and wellness needs. As you are well aware, things are not "business as usual" anywhere you go right now and Vitality Treatment Centre is no different.

What you need to know RIGHT NOW:

Details of the following in full below. Subject to change without notice. Please check our website regularly for updates.

BOOKING APPOINTMENTS: We will contact you. We will not be reopening online booking for the first while after reopening.

If you had a scheduled appointment between March 17 and May 31, 2020, you are on our radar! We are reviewing that schedule and will do our best to accommodate you in as timely a manner as possible. We will not be able to offer as many appointments daily as usual, so your usual frequency of appointments may not be attainable until such time we can operate at full capacity again. (When will that be? We all wish we knew!)

If you do not hear from us by early June, that would be a good time to contact us. We do not want anyone to be missed, but we have a massive task ahead of us. Please remember we are doing our best.

PRE-SCREENING: Your therapist will call the day before your appointment to pre-screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

If you do not answer the phone, we will leave a message reminding you to take the BC Self Assessment Tool and to review our safety measures on our website. If you answer yes to any of the Self Assessment questions, please call to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Late cancellation fees will be waived for any COVID-19 related illness or if you find out you have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms or related symptoms. This is for your safety as well as ours.

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT: Cash and cheques will no longer be accepted. Our new payment methods will all be touch-free!

We will ask you to either fill out an online, secure payment form for your credit card information or verbally give us that information to input at the time of your booking. This information will be encrypted and saved in your secure, digital file. From that point forward, any payments that are not covered by an extended health care plan will be processed within 24 hours of your treatment. If you would prefer to pay with a debit card, we will have a terminal that allows tap payments only. All receipts will be emailed to you.

PPE / MASKS & GOWNS: Wearing masks or other personal protective equipment will be a discussion you and your therapist will have at the time of booking.

All therapists will be prepared to wear masks, gowns and eyewear upon request. Disposable masks are available to purchase for $2.00 each. Please understand that these supplies are not easily acquired and our business is incurring a lot of extra costs during this time, so we believe it is reasonable to charge for this item. If you want to wear your own cloth or disposable masks, please ensure they are fresh and clean. We appreciate your cooperation.


Please arrive just before your appointment. If you are early, please wait outside. Please stop and read the yellow sign on the door to our building. Read through this checklist carefully. If you have any symptoms on that list or realize you have been in contact with anyone who does, please call us to cancel your appointment. Your therapist will again go through that checklist with you to ensure it is safe to continue with your treatment. All doors in the stairwell will be left open to provide a touch-less trip up to the 3rd floor. The elevator will be cleaned and sanitized as frequently as possible.

Hand Hygiene: Once inside our suite, you will be directed to our bathroom to wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20-30 seconds. Please leave the door open unless you need to use the facilities.

SANITIZATION & SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Safety protocols being utilized are posted throughout the clinic.

Everything is transparent for you to feel comfortable and know that we are taking this very seriously and are implementing many precautions and sanitization protocols every day. Further information will soon be posted on our website.

All Vitality practitioners will be self screening for COVID-19 using the same assessment tool, as well as taking their temperature before their shifts.

LIABILITY WAIVER & CONSENT: You will be asked to sign a liability waiver and consent to treatment at your first appointment upon our re-opening.

Although we are following all requirements for our clinic setting, no-one can 100% guarantee that the virus is not present or being transmitted. We want all parties to understand that there is an inherent risk present with the close contact that we have with our patients and that it is your decision to proceed with any treatment with the full understanding that we are following all requirements as per the Provincial Health Officer as well as our respective governing Colleges. As soon as possible we will be posting on our website a list of safety protocols for your review.

We thank you in advance for your adherence to these new protocols. Everything we are doing is for everyone's safety and comfort while in our care. We take our work very seriously and it is so important that you feel not only welcome, but also safe when at our clinic.

The entire Vitality Team

We hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

Vitality Treatment Centre

302-1842 Oak Bay Ave Victoria, BC V8R 1C2
Open 7 days/week – see our website for hours


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