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Vital Times Newsletter
Newsletter Winter 2012

A Word about Word of Mouth

Given that Vitality is largely what it is today due to word of mouth advertising, we wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and referrals.

As winter approaches, we wanted to send out a newsletter that has a bit of a different flair. Instead of giving tips on how you can attend to your health, we thought we would showcase a few people and local businesses who have been supporters of Vitality. These three are really appealing in many ways, but the important things are that they are hard-working, knowledgeable and trustworthy. And they, like us, rely heavily on word of mouth advertising.

Read on for more about...
Sleeping Children Around the World with Judy Dryden
Your Financial Health with Paul Miller
Drink Rumble with Steve Hughes


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Victoria, BC V8R 1C2
Ph: 250.370.1020

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Sleeping Children Around the World
with Judy Dryden

The first to be highlighted is Judy Dryden and her foundation Sleeping Children Around the World. I was very compelled by Judy's foundation and how it began. She told me her father, at one point in his life, was in the very same situation as some of these children that need places to sleep. He realized the value of a good night's sleep and vowed to help with this global issue. Judy was thrilled to write a little blurb for our newsletter and emphasized that word of mouth is invaluable to her foundation. I will be donating to SCAW as an individual, but Vitality will also match $1 for every patient from Vitality who contributes.

Beth asked me if I could explain a bit about what I'm doing with my retirement "downtime." I've been a client at Vitality since it opened, and the wonderful massages I receive help my back cope with my volunteer work. I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to be a travelling volunteer for the charity Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW).

My parents started this Canadian registered charity in 1970 to provide children in third world and developing countries with "bedkits." So far, over 1.2 million bedkits have been distributed. The aim is for children to have the opportunity to have a restful sleep and protect their health so they're better prepared for school the next day.

Bedkits consist of a mat or mattress, mosquito net, bedding, clothing and school supplies. The bedkit items are sourced and assembled in the country of distribution in order to create local employment and reduce transportation costs. This also ensures the items are relevant to the recipients' needs and culture.

SCAW is referred to as the 100% charity, as ALL donations go directly into purchasing the bedkit items. Almost all of SCAW's work is done by volunteers, both in Canada and in the countries we visit. Any administrative costs are covered by a private fund. Over the years we've gone to 33 countries and currently we're doing 13 bedkit distributions in 10 countries each year.

So far, I've met wonderful children and their families in Bangladesh, India and Nicaragua. As travelling volunteers we're the lucky ones who have the chance to see the happy expressions on the children's faces when they receive the gift of a good night's sleep.

Our only advertising is by word of mouth, so please pass the word. If you'd like more information you can check our website at Thank you! — Judy Dryden

Your Financial Health
with Paul Miller

Our second contributor to the winter newsletter is Paul Miller, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones. Before Paul became a financial advisor, he conducted Masters and Ph.D. research work in Thailand on the social, economic and environmental impacts of shrimp aqua culture. He also spent the summers firefighting in the shrimp-off-season. I have been working with Paul for several years and have been impressed by his “above and beyond” attitude that he has with his clients (no matter what your finances are like). Paul has a true interest and passion for people, which makes him a good person from whom to take advice. Paul takes personal stake in helping his clients achieve their goals. Besides investing, Paul takes a keen interest in our earth and keeping it green. Just the other day he was weeding and planting in Beacon Hill Park in the pouring rain with his family in tow. Here are some interesting thoughts from Paul, which I hope you enjoy...

Beth and her colleagues at Vitality are instrumental in assisting me to manage the occupational stress associated with being a Financial Advisor. In my work I see how financial stress affects my clients. It comes as no surprise that many studies have shown that financial concerns are a leading cause of stress in Canadians. Financial stress can be difficult to manage if you don't know what to do. It's a proven fact that financial planning reduces stress.

The way I typically approach client needs is to use a five-step asset management process. Understanding what is important to you and your family in order to help you identify and reach your goals is critical. Although there are many ways to work toward your goals, the key is answering these five important questions:

1. Where am I today?
2. Where would I like to be?
3. Can I get there?
4. How do I get there?
5. How can I stay on track?

A customized approach to financial planning starts with a clear financial assessment. I believe the best way to serve you is to get to know you, understand your financial priorities, analyze your personal information, make investment recommendations and then regularly review your progress towards your goals. This is a long-term approach to helping build wealth and my relationship with you.

My office strives to provide the best service possible. Anyone desiring a personal and confidential consultation can contact my office to schedule an appointment. I can be reached by phone at 250-598-9550 or email paul.miller (at) edwardjones (dot) com. I look forward to speaking with you. — Paul Miller

Drink Rumble
with Steve Hughes

Lastly, a local group of people have started a beverage company and it’s really pretty exciting. They have developed a beverage that is actually good for you. Check out their nutritional information on their website What is compelling about them is their back story. I want to see these people succeed and Rumble has just been put out on the shelves of Lifestyles Market, Fairways, Country Grocer, and more every day. So if you are interested in trying it, please do and you’ll be supporting yet another small local business. And in truth I have a vested interest in the success of the company as two of Vitality's therapists' husbands run the company. Here’s a little something more about the company...

Like Vitality, Rumble is about looking after your health and making good choices. We are proud to launch in our home town of Victoria first and pleased that people like the team at Vitality are avid supporters. Rumble is the anytime snack that is packed full of natural healthy ingredients. It is tasty convenience without compromise. So please look for us in your local grocery store and even at Vitality. Thank for your support! — Steve Hughes

Thanks you for reading our newsletter and have a healthy happy winter. Get out those rain pants and dance in a couple puddles!


Super Food:

A member of the brassica family along with broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and brussel sprouts, kale is very high in beta carotene, vitamins C and K and is rich in calcium. Like all brassicas, it contains potent anti-cancer chemicals that boost DNA repair in cells.

Kale also grows locally here on the lower island in the winter months. Find it at the Victoria Downtown Public Winter Market and support local farmers.

Kale is one of the super food ingredients in the new healthy beverage, Rumble, now available at Vitality and local grocery stores. (See full article below.)