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Vital Times Newsletter
Newsletter Summer 2012

The Penny – lives on in Habitat for Humanity

The Penny has stopped being printed and will slowly die out of circulation. Steve Hughes (husband to Beth Atkinson), General Manager at Albion Fisheries is proud to say that over the last few years, Albion and other businesses have contributed their efforts to raising funds and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. It is Steve's suggestion to everyone to bring in their pennies and hopefully we can fill up a fish tote (150 gallons about 4ft sq. by 3ft high) and donate that to Habitat for Humanity. Vitality will have a box in the reception area for pennies to be dropped off. Thanks a lot for the contributions and in this case, a little really does go a long way.


Yes, what you all have been waiting for. Mastercard is finally available at Vitality. We hope this makes it more convenient for everyone.

A Face Lift: New Colours!

Vitality will be getting a small face lift this summer (namely repainting the walls), so you may see that there are some things a bit raw from time to time on your visits. These changes are intended to be done in a very quiet, slow and subtle way so we hope they will not disturb your experience. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you enjoy the new colours!


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Victoria, BC V8R 1C2
Ph: 250.370.1020

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In This Issue:
Sleep Apnea Research
Vibes Impressions
Myofascial Experience
All Wrapped Up

Sleep Apnea Thesis Research
by Cindy J. Filler, RMT

Cindy is currently working on her thesis. How can you help? An excerpt:

I am still recruiting for my research thesis on the topic of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA, as defined by the Canadian Lung Association, is a pause in breathing of 10-30 seconds while sleeping. This can happen hundreds of times over the course of one night. (Source: Canadian Lung Association) If your bed partner observes this, reports that you snore and you feel tired during the day, you may have some type of sleeping disorder and should be checked. Undiagnosed sleeping disorders have been linked to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as well as have been the cause of motor vehicle and boat accidents.

I am currently recruiting 25 volunteers for this research. If you have already had a sleep study within the past 6 months, suspect you have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, or currently use a CPAP, you may qualify to be in my study. If you know of anyone with these symptoms and are interested in trying an alternative therapy, have them call me for more information about the study. From start to completion its approximately 4 months. Included are 3 in-home overnight polysomnograms, 5 sessions of treatment, and 2 questionnaires. My goal is to find out how osteopathic treatments affect the symptoms of OSA and if it can affect blood oxygen levels and respiratory disturbances.

Manual Osteopathic Therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy that looks at the whole person. By doing a postural assessment, extensive health history discussion, and treating areas that are misaligned (using training in visceral massage/manipulation, and craniosacral therapy) an osteopathic treatment can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of discomfort in many areas of the body.

Book an Appointment:
At Vitality: Mondays 12 - 6pm or Tuesdays 12 - 6pm
Phone to book: 250-370-1020 or book online.

Vibes Impressions
by Cindy J. Filler, RMT

Vibes, it's just as it sounds: a platform that moves up and down with a small amplitude and high oscillations. Your personal trainer guides you in various stretches and strengthening positions that tone the little muscles in your entire body. You feel funny at first as your body adjusts to the movements, and enjoy the way your voice jiggles as you speak. Each exercise is a quick (or long depending on the position your body is in and the shape the muscles are in) thirty seconds. After about 10-15 different exercises you are done in 15 minutes! Enough time for a walk or to grab lunch before heading back to work. I did a trial week and Jenn put me through 3 different routines 3 different days: weight loss, general strengthening, and core. Wow, do I ever need more core work!

So I signed up for the 20 pass card and added this to my current weekly workout of yoga two to three times per week and a 30 minute walk. I felt the benefits in about 3 weeks by just going once per week. Certain yoga postures were getting easier as my arm and shoulder strength grew. I no longer had the shaky muscle reactions to some of the more challenging poses. Yay! I'm hooked! If this helps me advance in my yoga, without injuring myself, then its totally worth it. Even my endurance for walking has increased and I want to do more walking. That's a good enough sign for me to continue and possibly add another day since it only takes 15 minutes.

Other membership options are unlimited monthly, 6 months or a year commitment. It's a great addition to any workout or if you had a hip or knee replacement and need to bump up some strength in both legs. They work with your physiotherapist, athletic therapist, massage therapist, chiropractor or osteopath to help you recover quickly. The Vibes trainer will adjust the workout to the level you are at, Couch Potato or Olympic athlete. We also have a few one week free trial cards at Vitality. Just ask us the next time you are in!

The Myofascial Experience
contributions by Michelle Relf, RMT and Corinne Compton, RMT

Michelle Relf, RMT really enjoys doing myofascial and scar tissue therapy. She has made a postcard that is available at Vitality for your perusal and she continually searches for ways to treat those sticky areas. If you have any questions regarding scar tissue or myofascial restrictions, feel free to contact Michelle at Vitality. Recently Michelle asked Deanna Schneider to give a talk to the Vitality practitioners.

Deanna showed us some really great techniques to try on yourself to keep a check on those restricted areas by using different sized affordable balls. Deanna also holds training classes to help you further your ability to self-treat your fascia and ‘sticky’ bits. For more information you can check out

Michelle has taken part in one of Deanna's classes and finds it to be a great tool to go along with a regular stretching routine to keep you limber and loose for those summer activities.

Corinne Compton and Sandra Pol recently went to the International Myofascial Congress in Vancouver, which is all the rage for the Massage Therapy population due to the discoveries linking fascia to the immune system and its increased importance in treatments. Here is what Corinne has to say about it:

I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd International Fascia Research Congress in Vancouver this past spring. Scientists and clinicians from around the world gathered to discuss fascia/connective tissue. The theme for this conference was "What do we notice? What do we know?" It was an exciting few days with a lot of information - some of the dialogue from the scientist's presentations was a bit over my head I admit, but the enthusiasm and discoveries about fascia/connective tissue was mind boggling!

On the last day I participated with Sandra Pol in a post congress workshop. The workshop was titled Fascial Stretch Therapy, which was taught by Chris and Ann Frederick. It was a brief four-hour course which gave us a quick introduction to their stretching therapy techniques. Since this course I have been experimenting with the therapist assisted stretches on my family members. Low back and leg stretches. If you would like to try this out, please let me know at the time of booking and we can add an extra 15 minutes to the beginning of the treatment to try out the new protocol.

All Wrapped Up – Lymph Drainage

For those patients who are interested in the lymph drainage advancements, it's really just exploding with new options for treatments and Beth Atkinson, Susan Duckworth, and Lara Eggiman are really getting elbow deep in experience to better help treat the vast needs of our patients. In the summertime we will be having a information session with a representative from 3M, who will show us the indications for using a new compression bandage called Coban. We have already been using Coban with some of our patients, so we're pretty excited about it. Coban is a thinner option instead of traditional foam and bandages.

Kinesiotape or Spidertech Tape

You may have heard of this tape. It's all the rage with the high-end athletes. It has been around for a long time but it's now getting some attention due to the media. Kinesiotape can be applied by the therapists or the patient. It is a multi-purpose tape. Its functions include decreasing inflammation, redirection of fluid from a congested area to a less congested area (lymphedema), scar reduction, post surgery and structural support to name a few. Ask your therapist about it and she may be able to help you. If Kinesiotaping is something that is effective for you, the therapist can sell you a roll of the tape and you can re-apply when necessary.

Thank you for your continued support of Vitality Treatment Centre and keep working on your health! Enjoy your summer and we're here when you need us.


Nutrition Tip:
Coconut Oil

Apparently coconut oil is gaining popularity these days. All I know is that is sure tastes yummy! Try it in place of butter or oils for cooking, sauces or baking for an animal-product free alternative. Coconut oil also tastes great in anything Thai or Indian-inspired, such as Pad Thai or curry.